Souvenirs series Peniok

Gift with honey Starch 500 g

1,357.00р. 1,153.00р.

Gift with honey Stump 1 kg

1,998.00р. 1,698.00р.

Gift with honey Stump 2 kg

3,905.00р. 3,319.00р.

Gift with honey Stump 300 g

897.00р. 762.00р.

Gift with lime honey Starch 500 g

1,587.00р. 1,349.00р.

Gift with lime honey Stump 1 kg

2,504.00р. 2,128.00р.

Gift with lime honey Stump 2 kg

5,122.00р. 4,354.00р.

Gift with linden honey Stump 300 g

1,280.00р. 1,088.00р.

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