Wax moth

The healing properties of the wax moth extract are determined by the products that it absorbs in the phase of the larva. All about the wax moth can be learned by studying the composition of the active substances. The following bioactive substances are distinguished from the larva:



acetylcholine and serotonin;

serine protease;

free amino acids;

mono- and disaccharides;

low molecular weight growth factor;

low-molecular aromatic compounds;


fatty acid;

ions of metals, etc.

The wax moth contains protein-peptide complexes, which have an inhibitory effect on the growth of Gram-negative bacteria. These complexes of different molecular weight are able to penetrate the cells of pathogenic microorganisms and inhibit the processes occurring in it. The wax moth hinders the growth of hemolytic bacteria, some Gram-positive microorganisms that cause toxic infections.

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