Buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey.

This type of honey has established itself as a means for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Has a bright color from light brown with a reddish tinge to dark red, which confirms its usefulness and unique properties. The color of honey is given by the increased content of iron than in light forms. The freshly baked natural buckwheat honey is the darkest with cherry tinge. It has a pleasant, strong aroma and a good sharply specific taste, a tickling throat. After crystallization it turns into a mushy mass with grains of different sizes, sometimes with air bubbles.

The use of buckwheat honey is confirmed by the fact that the index of its enzymatic activity according to Gaultier is usually much higher than all other kinds of honey. This property basically determines the direction in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Natural buckwheat honey is considered a high-grade species, contains 36.75% glucose, 40.29% fructose, up to 05% protein and, unlike light varieties, it contains much more macro- and microelements, enzymes and vitamins. It has good healing properties. Natural buckwheat honey is used in the treatment of the heart (especially with anemia), hypertension, microinsult, rheumatism, hypovitaminosis, liver and biliary tract, measles, scarlet fever, radiation damage, and also as a restorative aid

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