Where to buy honey

Medicine or sweetness?

Not many people know that a spoon of sugar and a spoon of honey contains the same amount of sugar. This is due to the fact that bee products are heavier than crystalline sugar.

Before you buy real honey, you need to take into account that it contains a large amount of fast-digested sugars – glucose and fructose. This is primarily a therapeutic product, and then a sweet treat.

It should not be used in large quantities. Doctors recommend to limit 50 g per day (1.5 tablespoons) before or after meals. Also, according to experts, bee products should be introduced into the diet courses. For example, use for a month, and then take a break.

We must not forget that during heat treatment all the useful properties of the product are neutralized, only sugar remains. Therefore, to buy real honey in Moscow and add it to hot tea is not the right decision.

Which variety is most useful?

Sale of honey in Moscow – an annual event where you can buy bee products from different parts of Russia at a bargain price. From knowledgeable about these annual meetings, there is no question, where to buy honey in Moscow from beekeepers.

It is most often perceived as a sweetness, but most of all it is valued not for the taste, but for its medicinal properties. It contains many trace elements, vitamins and enzymes that have a positive effect on the human gastrointestinal tract. Help to cope with the cold, soothe.

There are as many varieties of honey as there are honey plants. Which of them is the most useful and where to buy good honey to treat all diseases?

There is no clear opinion among experts about the exclusive benefits for medical purposes of any kind. Each type can help in the treatment or prevention of a particular disease:

· Buckwheat – contains iron. Useful for anemia;

· Lime is recommended when the propensity to colds;

· Flower – used for colds, weight deficit, to improve digestion;

· Acacia – has a calming effect.

How to distinguish a quality product from a fake?

In order to buy high-quality honey in Moscow, you first need to learn how to distinguish a natural product from a surrogate.  It would seem that it is easiest to do this when buying on the market or in any other place with the hands, as here the seller can give the buyer the goods to sample. Therefore, many do not even have a question where to buy real honey. But under such conditions, people often buy "blind", as the seller does not always have documents proving the quality of the goods.

In supermarkets or online stores the product is sold in closed containers. The opportunity to taste or evaluate the goods visually is possible only upon arrival at the house or delivery of the order by courier. But, as a rule, they have all the documents confirming the safety of the goods.

To distinguish natural honey from fake you should do the following:

1.      on the back side of the hand to drip a small amount of sweet mass. Turn hand back side to the ground. Quality product will not drain from the skin;

2.      apply to skin and RUB. If the mass is absorbed into the skin, sweetness can safely treat guests. The body had a sticky peel – added sugar;

3.      if the container with the product does not fill it completely, turn the container. In a container with natural honey first formed a large bubble, and then smaller;

4.      spread on a sheet of paper liquid mass. Burned everything – a fake. Sweet weight needs to stay.

But in order to determine where to buy natural honey, in addition to the above, you can use another most effective method. To do this, put a small amount of sweet mass on the bottom of a large plate. Pour cold water. To do a plate a circular motion. Good bee products in cold water does not dissolve, and forms on its surface traces of honeycombs.